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Fluid Solenoid Valve
XCPC have various series air valves, which consist of different types mechanical valve, hand valve, foot valve, quick exhaust valve, flow control valve and check valve. Mechanical valve are controlled by hand or mechanical force according to different conditions, including 2/2,3/2.5/2.etc, and there are also different control push button on valve.
XC Series Stainless Steel Bevel Valve
Port size DN10-DN50
Thread G3/8 G2"
Welded DIN11850 2 DIN11850 3 lSO2037
Valve bodv CF8M
Actyator CF8
Seat seals PTFE
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XQ22HD Series Right Angle Valve


Working Pressure

Temp Range

Kv Value(m3/k)
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Other Solenoid Valve
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Valve Accessories
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