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Air Soruce Treatment Units
Air treatment units are used for treating air source from air compressor. It includes three parts with different function:air filter for filtering the dirt and particles from air source; regulator for regulating the pressure of air source; lubricator for oil lubrication.
XAV 2000-5000 Series Slow Staet Valve
Applicable Pressure Range
Ambientand Fluid Temperature
Coil voltage rating
Coil insulation class
B level or the same level
DC/Consumed power DC
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XAMC Series Exhaust Cleaner
1. XAMC exhaust cleaning machine is the new generation of energy conservation and environmental protection products.
2. Used to absorb exhaust noise,recover the waste oil and water, to keep clean.
3. Mainly used to collect the noise and oil mist from the whole system.
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Auto drain
This product often applies to auto remove the see per at thelower places of piping,frozen type air drying machine.Oil separator, air storage tanks and the bottom of various air filters.
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sub series
Air Unit Accessories
In addition to the whole FRL, our company also
provides accessories for its assembly,
especially XA and XO series accessories,
XO accessories such as OHC, OHO bracket,
XA accessories such as L,
T bracket and pressure gauge, etc
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